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All window film is installed to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if it doesn't meet the standard, it is replaced - no arguments
free window tinting quoteBook a sales rep to visit your home or office,
measure your windows and give you a quote
Measure your own windows and
SAVE 15% Sales Commission
(That's $134 on the average size job)
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save134Instead of booking a sales rep

 you measure your own windows, use our job costing appand get the sales commission as a discount

measure your windows for tinting

A tape measure is the only tool you need to save 15% sales commission

No need to wait for a sales rep to visit and you'll avoid the Postcode Premium
- get the best price NOW!

WOW... that's SMART 

No Sales Reps
No Sales Commission
No Wasted Time  
"It was so easy. I measured my windows and ordered the film and in less than a week it was installed ....and for much less than the local guys quoted. Very happy." Sandra, Epping, NSW

Not sure which window film to choose?

We offer you 5 ways to identify the best film for the job ...
1. Our Expert System: The "Right" Film Finder will ask you a few simple questions and based on your answers guide you to the best film for your job. Quick and Easy!
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2. Want to know why the Expert System chose a particular film, read our short technical paper titled  "How to choose the "right" film for the job".
3. Comparison TablesSide by side comparison of the key performance indicators
  • Find out which films perform best at the lowest cost and confirm our "Best Buy" recommendations meet your priorities 
Compare Solar Control Films
  • Clear window films suited for windows controlled by a body corporate and/or have a $million view at night
  • Lightly Tinted Films will reduce fading and provide some heat protection without making the room feel dark - no daytime privacy
  • Medium Tinted Films suited for living rooms good heat reduction and daytime privacy without making the room "feel" dark
  • Dark Tinted Films suited to bedrooms and where you are prepared to sacrifice some light to enhance heat reduction - daytime privacy
  • Very Dark Tinted Films suited to home theatre and where there is a priority to darken the room (eg shifter worker needing to sleep during the day) - daytime privacy
4. Have some questions? - Give me a call - 0400 906 262 (Garry) - and we can discuss your job

5. Still not sure?  Book a Sales Rep.

Guaranteed lowest price on the top USA film brands. 

We encourage you to get 3 Quotes and compare our online price

Price match? - Nah, we price smash the competition

IF you are quoted a price to supply and install a film we stock, and that price is less than our online price,
THEN Price Smashed! by $50
- YES, take $50 off the competitor price - PLUS we ship the film for FREE (worth $20).
lowest priceFor example
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $470, the lowest price guarantee is triggered and you pay $420 including delivery. (ie. $50 off their price of $470 and free delivery).
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $501, the lowest price guarantee is not triggered.
Were you offered the RACQ Special Member Discount - 20% OFF home window tinting? - Price Smashed! by $75.
... the lowest price, always ...
We started our lowest price guarantee in 2011:
Total claims to date - One.
Perhaps our prices really are the lowest. 
The lowest price guarantee applies to jobs over 5m2... How to make a Price Smashed! claim
Another happy customer ...
hamilton QLD
Hey Donna 
Just wanted to say thanks and what a great guy and very professional job on installation this morning.
Kind regards
 Owen R, Hamilton QLD
 Smart Films HP15 window film installed on apartment windows in Hamilton QLD
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