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All window film is installed to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if it doesn't meet the standard, it is replaced - no arguments
free window tinting quoteBook a sales rep to visit your home or office,
measure your windows and give you a quote
Measure your own windows and
SAVE 15% Sales Commission
(That's $134 on the average size job)
trade salesA complete listing of films from the
world's leading film manufacturers


save134Instead of booking a sales rep

 you measure your own windows, use our job costing appand get the sales commission as a discount

measure your windows for tinting

A tape measure is the only tool you need to save 15% sales commission

No need to wait for a sales rep to visit and you'll avoid the Postcode Premium
- get the best price NOW!

WOW... that's SMART 

No Sales Reps
No Sales Commission
No Wasted Time  
"It was so easy. I measured my windows and ordered the film and in less than a week it was installed ....and for much less than the local guys quoted. Very happy." Sandra, Epping, NSW

Not sure which window film to choose? We'll make it easy ...

1. Our expert system: The "Right" Film Finder will guide you to the best film for the job
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2. For a technical discussion on why one film may be "right" for your job and another film is not, read our short paper titled "How to choose the "right" film for the job".
You can use our films comparison tables to compare price and performance and confirm our "Best Buy" meets your priorities

compare 331 window films Side by side comparison of all the key performance indicators

4. Still not sure? - Give me a call - 0400 906 262 (Garry) - and we can discuss your job

5. Still not sure?  Book an Onsite Quote with a sales rep and pay (sales commission) for advice.

Guaranteed lowest price on the top USA film brands. 

We encourage you to get 3 Quotes and compare our online price

Price match? - Nah, we price smash the competition

lowest priceIF you are quoted a price to supply and install a film we stock, and that price is less than our online price,
THEN Price Smashed! by $50
- YES, take $50 off the competitor price - PLUS we ship the film for FREE (worth $20).
For example
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $470, the lowest price guarantee is triggered and you pay $420 including delivery. (ie. $50 off their price of $470 and free delivery).
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $501, the lowest price guarantee is not triggered.
Were you offered the RACQ Special Member Discount - 20% OFF home window tinting? - Price Smashed! by $75.
... the lowest price, always ...
We started our lowest price guarantee in 2011:
Total claims to date - Nil.
Perhaps our prices really are the lowest. 
The lowest price guarantee applies to jobs over 5m2... How to make a Price Smashed! claim
Another happy customer ...
hamilton QLD
Hey Donna 
Just wanted to say thanks and what a great guy and very professional job on installation this morning.
Kind regards
Owen R
11 January 2018
 Smart Films HP15 window film installed on apartment windows in Hamilton QLD
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