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ASWF 100 Micron (4mil) Clear Safety Film
This film is installed internally
Best BuyManufacturerFilmComplies with AS1288 (1)Sales Rep Price $M2WebQuote Price $m2Quote your job in this filmComments
thumbs up smiley smASWF100micron (4mil)Clear Safety FilmYes$52.49$44.62
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Complies with AS1288 at lowest cost
Hanita100micron (4mil) Clear Safety FilmYes$56.71$47.60
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SunTek100micron (4mil) Clear Safety FilmYes$56.12$47.70
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Llumar100micron (4mil) Clear Safety FilmYes$38.61$48.21
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Johnson Window Films (JWF)100micron (4mil) Clear Safety FilmYes$52.49$44.62
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Solar Gard100micron (4mil) Clear Safety FilmYes$65.80$55.94
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3M100micron Clear Safety Film S40Yes$72.10$61.29
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1. Australian StandardAS1288 - the human impact safety standard
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Suntek 100micron (4mil)Clear Safety Film
Llumar 100micron (4mil)Clear Safety Film
JWF 100micron (4mil)Clear Safety Film
SolarGard 100micron (4mil)Clear Safety Film
3M 100micron (4mil)Clear Safety Film S40