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Glass is expensive to replace and sales revenue can be endangered when graffiti or scratched glass on a display window distracts customers from the products on display.

Anti-graffiti film is a clear film that will maintain good visibility into a showroom, protect the glass against graffiti and glass damage and provide increased sun protection to display stock. Anti-Graffiti Film is designed to protect the glass from both "spray can" graffiti and against attempts to scratch the glass.
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Anti-graffiti film is a sacrificial coating that is applied to the external glass surface and can be quickly and easily removed in the event of vandalism to restore the window to its original state.

  • The anti-graffiti film both protects glass from malicious damage and provides a quick way to remove the offending material.
anti-graffitiAnti-graffiti film blocks 19% heat, 99% UV and allows in 87% of the light. Anti-graffiti film provides slightly better fading protection to display stock than that provided by a straight UV block film because of its higher heat rejecting properties.

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