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Many people ask "How can I save money on window tinting?" 


Smart Buyers Tip:  Use this smart tip to find the lowest price

Google search allows you to quickly and easily discover who is offering the best price on window tinting in Australia
- not just those who say they have the lowest price but won't show their prices.

  • In Google search, enter the word price + film manufacturer name + film name of the film you have chosen (eg. "price 3M Prestige 70" or "price ASWF Sky 20").

You will find there is an obvious reason many suppliers who claim "lowest window film prices" are reluctant to reveal their prices online - they don't want you to compare prices

  • but those companies with the lowest film prices want everyone to know  - they publish their film price online and Google shows these companies at the top of the search results.

Try it

The Best Price for window tinting can usually be found where suppliers will unbundle their products and service and allow customers to do some things for themselves. This will save the homeowner money. For example instead of booking a sales rep you measure your own windows to save the sales commission - not many companies will let customers do that but we do.

How much does home window tinting cost? What is a reasonable home window tinting price? What should I expect to pay for home window tinting in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth?


We help you to compare the Price and the Performance of Top Window Tinting Films for Home and Office Windows

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We compare the leading brands of solar control films

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 We won't be beaten on price

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Get a couple of quotes from the local guys, then go online and compare our price.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are quoted a lower price on a film we stock.

 We will not only beat the competitor price by $50, we will also DELIVER the film to you for FREE  - Minimum order 5m2

Price Guarantee applies to our online quotes only


Some people are happy to pay an installed price of $110m2 or more for US made, energy rated and quality certified films that are offered by a sales representative who has driven to their home to measure their windows and guide them through the purchase decision. Others may buy solely on price and be happy to take a risk with a Chinese or Indian made film offered on eBay at a film only price of $10m2 even though it is not energy unrated (it may just be coloured plastic that does not actually block heat) and is of unknown quality (it may only last a few months if it is not UV stabilised).

  • Many people believe the risk is acceptable because the price difference is so large but fail to take into consideration that the film installation charge for eBay films is usually much higher than for other films because the thin, lower quality, films sold on eBay are more difficult to install. And if the film fails there is the film removal charge which is often more than the installation charge.
  • See this car tint review of eBay tint

Tinting Direct operate in the market segment between these extremes. We import US made, energy rated and quality certified films but don't employ sales reps. Our customers don't need help to read a tape measure but they do want professional film installation.




Our film installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if the installation is not up to this standard it is replaced at our cost

We believe you should know in advance what will happen if you're unhappy with the job 

If you are quoted a price that is less than our online price, we will not only beat the lower price by $50, we'll courier the film to you for FREE (see our conditions)

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