heatshield film


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ASWF Illusion
This film is installed internally

Silver/Grey (One-Way Vision) Films

BENEFITS: HEAT Protection | FADING Protection | PRIVACY | Eliminate On-Screen GLARE | Glass appears mirrored externally>
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Performance AssessmentGoldSilverBronzeLeast Reflective
FILM3mm clear glassIllusionDRMDS 7Scenic View 10Silver/Grey 20
WERS rated (1)YesYesYes
VLT % (2)89%best   7%best   7%8%13%
VLR % (3)8%best   Internal 13%
External 54%
Internal 14%
External 60%
Internal 25% External 58%Internal 10%
External 33%
UV block % (4)25% Uva99%99%99%99%
U-Value (5)5.9nabest   5.175.915.62
TSER % (6) (Heat)14%best   85%84%82%70%
Sales Rep Price $M2best   $50.32$60.30$55.32$63.65
No Sales CommissionYou payYou payYou payYou pay
WebQuote Price$42.78$51.26$47.03$54.11
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These films were developed to control heat and glare in the office - the films are mirrored externally for maximum heat reduction and are dark internally to eliminate glare on computer screen.