Recommended Car Window Tinting Specialists

We specialise in the installation of film for buildings. But many visitors want to tint their car. As a service to these customers, I have compiled a list of car window tinters in each state that I feel comfortable in recommending.

Automotive window tinting is a highly skilled trade that requires many years to perfect. While just about anyone can be taught how to tint a car in 3 - 6 months and to heat shrink film to the curvature of a rear window in 9 - 12 months, it is only the master installers with many years of experience who can achieve a clean installation consistently. These are my recommended automotive tinters in each state.

Car Window Tinting Locations

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane City
    • Virginia - Express Window Tinting
    • Greenslopes - Express Window Tinting
  • Logan City
    • Browns Plains - Express Window Tinting
    • Underwood - Express Window Tinting
  • Redlands
    • Cleveland - Express Window Tinting
  • Moreton
  • Ipswich
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Canberra Region
 car tintIf this was your car wouldn't you demand the very best mechanics (and yes, the very best window tinter) to work on your pride and joy?
You may not have one of these, but isn't your car your pride and joy and aren't you deserving of the best attention?