Energy Efficiency Rated Window Tinting

PLEASE NOTE: only supply WERS energy rated films

Mandatory disclosure of the energy efficiency of commercial buildings at time of sale was legislated in 2010 - Use only WERS Energy Rated Films.

 WARNING - Residential buildings:  Homeowners must be alert to unscrupulous window tinting companies that exaggerate film performance, particularly the amount of heat blocked.

The large amount of low quality window tinting entering Australia with exaggerated and unsubstantiated energy efficiency claims, often supplied by large building suppliers, is a concern to government and to many users of window tinting, like the Housing Industry Association.

hia-logo"HIA Recommends WERS"

The Housing Industry Association has advised its members to use WERS certifed products to be sure the energy claims are true.

The HIA has released this information under the heading "Ensure the energy rating on your windows is WERS to be confident of true performance" and continues to explain how "Installation of incorrect product with incorrect performance will be a costly mistake for builder and owner alike."

The HIA website includes information for builders and owners in regards to, "Why you should choose energy rated windows?", " What do I look for to understand the performance of a window?" and "What Windows Should I Use Where?".

The HIA recommendation to builders is advice that homeowners should also heed.


Energy Rated: Homeowners need to be on guard against operators that offer window tinting film that is not WERS energy rated.

  • You won't save money or help the environment if the product doesn't work as claimed - if it is not listed on WERS, forget it!)

Price: Unrated films should be 1/2 the price, or less, than WERS Energy Rated films

  • There may be times when you can accept the risks of an unrated product, for example a short term rental property, but you should not pay more than $25M2 for unrated film.

Property Value: Increasing energy costs are focusing attention on energy efficiency and many homeowners will discover their home is worth thousands less than they thought it was worth at time of sale if the performance of the energy efficiency products cannot be verified.

How is the Performance Data Independentely Tested and Verified?

To get listed on the International Glazing Database (IGDB) maintained by the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, a solar control window tinting film's performance data must be independently tested and verified by a US Department of Energy accredited testing facility.


In Australia the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) uses the window film performance data in the IGDB to calculate the energy star rating of different window frame and film combinations - the window energy ratings are used in the calculation of the overall building energy efficiency rating required under the Building Code of Australia.

A listing in the IGDB is a prestigeous achievement within the window film industry. If a film supplier claims a film is made in the USA and it is not listed on the IGDB (or WERS) then perhaps it is a sub-standard product, or being passed off as made in the USA

Why take a risk?  ... you can avoid a costly mistake by choosing a film that is WERS rated

PLEASE NOTE: only supply WERS energy rated films



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