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 frosted crystal

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SmartFilms Diamond Frost
This film is installed internally
Best BuyManufacturerFilmDurability (1)Sales Rep Price $M2WebQuote Price $m2Quote your job in this filmComments
3MFrosted Crystal10 years$84.33$71.67
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thumbs up smiley smSmart FilmsDiamond Frost - DV1910 Years$64.90$55.17
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Good value for durability
LG HausysFrosted Pearl5 Years$61.44$52.24
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MetamarkSandblast -DV027 Years$47.68$40.54
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Good value for durability
Smart FilmsGlitter Frost - DV045 Years$46.13$39.22
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1. Durability - Expected performance life of the film installed indoors with direct sun exposure
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LG Hausys Frosted Pearl
Metamark Sandblast - DV02
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