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Glass is finding application outside as a pool fence, a balcony balustrade or a stylish safety barrier for a staircase. A stylish design feature now found in both commercial and residential applications is the frosting of glass balustrading and pool fencing. 

Frosted Film for Pool Fencing

Tropi Cool Window Tinting Pool Fence Frosting

Frosted film being installed on a glass pool fence - by Tropi-Cool in Cairns.

I don't usually show jobs done by other companies, but this shot is iconic
For a film installer, it doesn't get much better than this!
Hot day - in the pool - and earning a dollar - can you ask for more? ... a beer?

A glass pool fence is a stylish alternative to traditional pool fencing materials. Not only does it allow compliance with council regulations but it provides a clear view of the pool and its occupants.

  • This is a great safety feature if you have children. The glass pool fencing allows parents to maintain an unobstructed view of their kids in the pool for their safety

But who else may be watching?

Keep your family safe from prying eyes and unwanted attention by installing a frosted privacy film on some glass panels to obscrue the view from neighbours or the streetfrosted-pool-fence

 Diamond Frost installed on a pool fence in Brisbane


Frosted film for the Glass Balustrade (Balcony Glass)

Owners of inner city townhouses and apartments are turning to frosted film for day and night-time privacy from passers-by in the street and from the nosy neighbour. Frosted film installed on the glass balustrade is often all that is required to gain the privacy sought.

frosted-film-on-balcony-glass-6Diamond Frost installed on balcony facing a neighbour in Enoggera QLD




Please Note: Frosted Film installed externally on a balcony or pool fencing must be a cast vinyl to withstand exposure to the elements. (ie a cast vinyl will last 3 - 5 years when installed externally, sometimes longer).

For external installation we recommend:

For a sparkly appearance:
3M Frosted Crystal or Smart Films Diamond Frost

For a matt appearance:
3M Dusted Crystal or Smart Films Diamond Dust

Most frosted films are calendared vinyl films intended for internal installation only. If installed externally the film will fail within 1-2 years.

If a calendared film is installed externally and fails after a couple of years this is not a manufacturers warranty issue.

  • Reputable vinyl manufacturers clearly state which films are designed for external installation and these films are priced accordingly. It is the responsibility of the film seller/installer to advise the customer if a film is not suited for the intended installation.

Do Not install a calendared vinyl film (eg SV 44) externally - it will not last