Home Window Tinting Films Selection

choose film Best Glass Tinting for Home Windows

Most homeowners want a film that will block the heat, stop fading, reduce glare, provide privacy and won't make the room  "feel" dark and, perhaps, won't spoil the view at night 

Unfortunately, some of these objectives are mutually exclusive. Since almost 50% of the total heat from the sun is in the visible light range of the solar spectrum, it is not possible for a window film to block more than 50% of the heat unless it also blocks some of the visible light.

Choosing the "right" window film becomes a question of how much light (and therefore heat) can you block before the room "feels" uncomfortably dark for you?

  • Perhaps you can block more light (and heat) in some rooms than in other rooms depending on how you use the room.
    • Lounge/dining/family - you probably dont want these rooms to "feel" dark
    • Kitchen - you need good light in the kitchen to prepare meals, read a cook book and to do other "work"
      • Smart Films Ambiance 25 is the most popular for living rooms and areas requiring good natural lighting
    • Bedroom - you may not mind if the bedroom is made a bit darker (and blocks more heat entering the room) since most people don't spend much time in the bedroom during the day.
      • Smart Films HP15 is the post popular, particularly if facing west
    • Home Theatre - you may actually want to block as much light as possible to recreate the cinema experience.
      • Smart Films Sunblock 10 is very popular for this application
    • Night views and/or Body Corporate - you will require a clear (untinted) film to control heat and fading without spoiling night views or changing the external appearance of the building.

There was a time when people installed the same window film in every room of the home.

  • Today, people select the window film that is most appropriate to the activity undertaken in the room.

The films shown below have been chosen because they are the most popular amongst homeowners.

  • Why should you consider film popularity when choosing window tinting for your home?
  • Because choosing a film that other homeowners like makes good economic sense - if most people like the window tinting it will enhance the value of your property. In contrast, HeatShield which is the highest heat rejection film in our range and our most popular film for controlling heat and glare in the workplace, and one of the lowest cost films, will make a room "feel" very dark and make the home more difficult to sell.

Not sure which film to choose?