HeatShield Office Window Tinting - heat control and anti-glare film

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Typical Application: Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • The film was designed to addess the problem of afternoon (or morning) sun shining through an office window. An office worker will be uncomfortably hot sitting in the sun and due to glare on the computer screen unable to see the screen to work.
    • The film is reflective externally to reflect 80% of the heat and dark internally to eliminate glare.
ResidentialNot used in the home
  • This film blocks too much natural light to be used in the home - it requires the use of artificial lighting to see comfortably during the day.
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In addition to saving money through improved energy efficiency, HeatShield will also:

  • eliminate reflections on VDU screens by controlling glare
  • provide privacy to your premises during daylight hours
  • UV protection to reduced fading of interior furnishings
  • Blocking of the sun's heat and glare
  • Energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • give a building a more uniform external appearance
  • transform and modernise the image of older premises
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to install

Reflective window tinting films provide the highest heat protection by reflecting the heat away from the window. It gives the window a “mirrored” appearance externally. These films provide privacy and protect against sun damage and fading.