Frosted Film for Home Privacy | Online Quote SAVE 15%

Frosted Film for Home Privacy | Online Quote SAVE 15%

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Frosted privacy film installed on glass front door and sidelites (sidelights)

Privacy is a basic human need, but we often find ourselves on public display, even in our own home.

  • Clear glass in the bathroom and toilet?
  • Clear glass in the front door and sidelites that allow people to see into your home?

The installation of a frosted film will make the glass opaque and give privacy both day and night. Frosted films are also translucent, meaning that they allow most of the natural light to pass through the film so the room won't feel dark.

Once used extensively in the office, window frosting and decorative films are now often used in the home. Homeowners seeking privacy or to hide something from public view are turning to glass frosting, just as in the office. And while the corporate logo cut into or printed onto the frosted film is de rigueur in the office as a decorative feature, homeowners are also creating their own unique Glass Art and Signage for their home.

frosted entry house 
White Frost was installed
on this entry door at Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Frosted Film for Front Doors and Sidelights (Sidelites)

Clear glass is increasingly being used in both the front entry door and in sidelights in modern homes. This, in combination with smaller block size that necessitates building down the block, mean it is now quite common to be able to stand in the street at night outside many homes and, by looking through the glass in the entry door and sidlights, be able to see the occupants at the back of the house - perhaps watching TV in the family room. It is not nice to contemplate that you are on full view to the street while relaxing in the evening watching TV. A frosted glass door or a frosted film for door privacy is the obvious solution.


Cut-Out Styles

A small gap (a cut-out) 5mm to 10mm wide will let you see who is at your front door but a 5mm-10mm gap will not allow visibility into your home from the street (or even from 1 metre away)

Tintplus offer three styles of cut-outs:

Style 1

side pane 1

Cut-out approx 10mm wide, 25mm from edge of frame

Style 2

side pane 2

Cut-out approx 10mm wide, 25mm from edge of frame

Style 3

side pane 3

Cut-out about 5mm wide from edge of frame


LG Dusted Crystal is a vinyl film and more forgiving of installation errors than the polyester film. It can be removed and re-positioned more easily than a polyester film and because it is thicker and more pliable it is less likely to crease - which can be caused by rough handling of polyester films. For these reasons it is favoured by many DIY installers.


entry door viewing gaps

This picture shows an installation with cut-out style 3 (shown above).
It is favoured by many DIY installers because it makes the installation so easy
  • just trim the film 10mm shorter than the height and width of the glass prior to installation and position the film 5mm from the top and 5mm from one side and voila!
  • the job is done, with an even 5mm gap all around. No need to trim the film to size on the glass.


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