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The modern-day successor to stained glass, Full Colour Digital Printing allows a colour image or photograph to be printed onto frosted film - the image can be printed for internal display or external display. Stained glass remains very popular for decorating glass but instead of small pieces of coloured glass and lead, a frosted film and a full-colour digital printer can achieve the same effect at significantly lower cost. 

Computer Cut Decoration can be created from the letters or shapes cut from the material or created by the letters being cut into the material (eg entry sidelite below)

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Full Colour Digital Printing

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Full Colour Digital Printing

Turn an ordinary glass window into a spectacular, attention grabbing visual display.

digital print story bridge

Living the Dream?  An apartment near the city is so convenient
Do you dream of a view of the Story Bridge and the city beyond... ?
But from your window the "view" looks more like this...

brick wall

brick wall 2

or worse... 


Why not call us and discuss how you can get the view you want?

Even a digital print of the Storey Bridge would be better than looking at a brick wall!

(and your visitors don't need to know)

We can install a digital print on your window and give you the "view" you want


If you would like to meet and discuss how digital printing of a favourite image can enhance your home (whether it be a Rembrandt, a child or grandchild, the Story Bridge, or whatever), please email me.

What about that awkward window above the entry?

Yes the half circle window above the entry door where a blind or curtain would look odd - but you need to stop anyone in the street looking through the window into the upstairs bedrooms.

Perhaps a digital print of "Clouds" or "Stary Night" on frosted film could provide the privacy, beautifully?

cloudsthumb starry night


What about that lovely glass paned front door and sidelites?

Yes, it looks great and creates a light, bright and welcoming entrance to your home.

But at night,

are you on full view of the street?

Can someone stand in the street at night, see through the glass door and sidelites and see you watching TV in the family room at the back of your house?

It is a very common problem in many new homes built on narrow blocks of land. The easiest, and lowest cost, solution is to install frosted film on the glass panes.

But many people want more and are choosing a digital print for the sidelites. Any image can be printed on frosted film - some people choose a leadlight effect for a more traditional entry, through to picture of a single blade of tussocked grass for the ultra modern look. Perhaps, more to your liking would be an aboriginal design or a design element echoing a recent trip to Bali, or Tibet or...

Inspired Sidelites

bird-of-paradise-digitally printed indigenous artbali imagesbali image2bali imageimagequestion


Computer Cut Signage in the Home

computer cut side windowFrom a simple vinyl cut house number for your door or letterbox, house numbers

to a creative design for entry sidelites

call me to set a time to meet and discuss your ideas.

1300 658 503  

This feature entry side window was designed by a customer in Arana Hills, Brisbane.
The design was computer cut into 3M Frosted Crystal

Window film in the Bathroom? - here is a creative use of frosted film in the bathroom





Dusted Crystal installed in the main bathroom of a 1920's art deco style home on the Brisbane River at New Farm QLD



Our film installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if the installation is not up to this standard it is replaced at our cost

We believe you should know in advance what will happen if you're unhappy with the job 

If you are quoted a price that is less than our online price, we will not only beat the lower price by $50, we'll courier the film to you for FREE (see our conditions)

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