How to find the lowest price home window tinting in 2020?

People often ask: How can I save money on home window tinting in 2019? How can I get a good deal? 

Try these Smart Buyers Money Saving Tips

1. Google search allows you to quickly and easily discover who is offering the best price on home and office window tinting

Use Google search

  • price + film manufacturer name + film name 

(eg. price 3M Prestige 70 or price ASWF Sky 20) and you will quickly find who has the lowest price. 

Try it. 

Why does this work?

Many suppliers who claim to have low prices are reluctant to reveal their prices for the obvious reason that their price is too high BUT those companies who really do have low prices want everyone to know  - they publicise their prices online and these companies show up at the top of the search results for "price".

  • It is then fairly easy to compare the prices of the companies listed in the top search positions

2. Online Quote - our customers can save $134 in sales commission on the average size job

measure your windows for tintingSome people think this is the easiest way to reduce the cost of Window Tinting?
We give you the option:
  • Request a sales rep to call you and schedule a FREE measure and quote in your home or office, or
  • Measure your own windows, use our job costing app - WebQuote - and save $134 in sales commission on the average size job


3. Lowest Price Guarantee

After you have done your online Quote, see if you can find someone to beat it.

Then use the lowest price Guarantee to reduce the cost by another $50

 lowest price


 $50 less than your best price on the same film (conditions apply)

- We beat Qld Auto Club Member quotes for home window tinting (after 20% member discount) by $70