How to find the best price for home window tinting? | Online Quote SAVE 15%

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Some Money Saving Tips


1. Google can help you find the lowest price for home window tinting

Enter in search "Price + film manufacturer + film name"

For example: "Price 3M Prestige 70" ... and you will quickly find who has the lowest pricing for that film.


2. Online Quote

measure your windows for tintingSome people say this is the easiest way to reduce the cost of Window Tinting?
Our Customers can save $134 in sales commission on the average size job
We give you the option:
  • Request a sales rep to call you and schedule a FREE measure and quote in your home or office, or
  • Measure your own windows, use our job costing app - WebQuote - and save $134 in sales commission on the average size job


3. Lowest Price Guarantee has the Lowest Price Guarantee that promises to beat by $50 any competitor price on the same film when that price is less than their online price and will also DELIVER the film for FREE, saving an additional $20


Saving Tip: After you have done your online Quote, find someone to beat it. 

Then use the lowest price Guarantee to reduce the price to $50 less than the lowest price you receive.

 lowest price


 $50 less than the lowest price on the same film (conditions apply)

- We beat Qld Auto Club "Member Only" price for home window tinting by $70 (ie. after 20% member discount)