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Clear (Untinted) Films

All the films are made in the USA and are WERS Energy Rated and have similar performance – between 64% and 77% of the Visible Light passes through the films, blocking 99% UV and between 36% and 58% of the heat.

The main difference between the films is in the price and in the winter heat loss performance of two films: the SolarGard EcoLux 70 and MEP Enerlogic 70. While all the films in the comparison reduce heat loss through the glass in winter, these two films achieve a much lower U-value (better) than the other films, although the substantial price premium is noted.


  • Best for heat:Smart Films ClearView ICE 60 blocks 58% heat and a VLR of 16%.
  • Heat and Light Balanced:SolarGard LX70 blocks 55% heat and has a VLR of 9%.

Clear Window Films - Visible Light Transmission (VLT) over 60%

BENEFITSHEAT Protection | FADING Protection | Almost INVISIBLE (when viewed internally and externally
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Performance AssessmentBest ValueBest ValueGold - heat blockedSilver - heat blockedBronze - heat blockedBronze - heat blocke
Good heat protection and low priceGold - Insulation
COMPANYJWFSumitomoSmart FilmsSolar Gard3MHanita3M
FILM3mm clear glassSun 70Refleshine TW36ClearView ICE 60LX 70®Prestige 60 PR 60e-Lite® 70Prestige® 70 PR70
Country of OriginUSAJapanUSAUSAUSAIsraelUSA
WERS rated (1)YesYesYes.YesYes
VLT % (2)89%67%66%64%best   72%61%66%68%
VLR - Internal (3)17%?na9%best    7%15%best    7%
VLR % - External(3)8%19%19%16%9%best    6%16%best    6%
UV block % (4)25% Uva99%99%99%99%99.999%99.9%
U-Value (5)5.95.6best
TSER % (6) (Heat)14%50%49%best    58%55%52%52%50%
Edge Sealing Required?YesNoYesYesNoNoNo
Sales Rep Price $M2$104.86$139.45$152.47$184.30$157.58$117.90$157.58
No Sales CommissionYou payYou payYou payYou payYou payYou payYou pay
WebQuote Price$89.14$118.55$129.62$156.75$133.96$100.23$133.96
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(a) Due to the inclusion of compounds that can corrode when exposed to salty air, some films require edge sealing when installed within 16km (10 miles) of the sea, or within 16km (10 miles) of brackish rivers and estuaries. Edge sealing with clear silicone adhesive is a specialised glazing skill and will add to the installation cost, if required.
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These films are almost invisible when installed and are popular for:

Heat and fading proterotect stock from sun damage and fading without impeding showroom visibility