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SmartFilms Mirecool LU 75
This film is installed internally

Low-E Clear Window Films

BENEFITS: HEAT Protection | FADING Protection | Almost INVISIBLE (when viewed internally and externally) PLUS insulating the window against heat loss in winter
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COMPANYSmartFilmsSolar Gard3MSmartFilms
FILM3mm clear glassMirecool LU 75Ecolux®  70Thinsulate CC75Mirecool LU 74
Country of OriginEuropeUSAUSAEurope
COMING Q2 2020
Independently tested? (1)European standards EN410 and EN673WERSWERSEuropean standards EN410 and EN673
VLT % (2)89%best   75%68%74%74%
VLR % (3)8%Internal 9%best   Internal 4%Internal 12%Internal 9%
best   External 13%External 15%
UV block % (4)25% Uva99%99%99%99%
U-Value (5)5.9best   3.273.463.63.38
TSER % (6) (Heat)14%best   53%52%47%46%
Edge Sealing required? (see (a) below)NoYesNoNo
Sales Rep Price $M2$185.80$212.28$221.97best   $177.09
You payYou payYou payYou pay
WebQuote Price$157.95$180.47$188.70$150.55
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(a) Due to the inclusion of compounds that can corrode when exposed to salty air, some films require edge sealing when installed within 16km (10 miles) of the sea, or within 16km (10 miles) of brackish rivers and estuaries. Edge sealing with clear silicone adhesive is a specialised glazing skill and will add to the installation cost, if required.
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Low-E window films insulate the glass to reduce heat loss in winter, while still offering the heat and UV protection benefits of clear window films