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Would you measure your own windows for $134?

(That's 15% of the price of the average size job)

15% is the sales commission we pay sales reps to measure and quote a job

When you measure and quote your own job you get the sales commission as a discount, and we can guarantee you the lowest price on the Top Film Brands

... if you are offered a price less than our online price on the same film, we won't insult you by lamely offering to price match, we'll say SORRY by taking $50 off the price you were quoted, plus FREE film delivery (worth $20)

webquote...we guarantee you'll get the lowest price at  ...always will 

See Lowest Price Guarantee Conditions

Since most people can use a tape measure, this is the easiest way to save money on window tinting

free window tinting quote


 BUT some people will prefer to get a sales rep to quote the job

For these people, we offer a FREE quote in your home or office.

We cannot guarantee you the lowest price because our sales reps need to be paid. Some tinters may shave margins by not covering the time and travel cost to quote a job but they cannot cut the cost of the film and our volume discounts mean even the price quoted by our sales reps is very hard to beat.

  • Request a FREE quote here. Fill in the quote request form and a sales rep will call to schedule an appointment.
  • The onsite quote is free, however, the sales rep has to be paid for his time. So our onsite quoted price for your job is 15% higher than our online price.
  • Also, once a sales rep has done an onsite quote, we cannot accept a booking for an online quote. That wouldn't be fair.

Professional Film Installation is available to all customers in all capital cities and many regional centers

We supply the film pre-cut to 20mm oversize and ready for installation if you want to do the installation yourself (DIY)

Lowest Price Guarantee

If you do an online quote we guarantee you the lowest price

If a competitor price is less than our online price we will not only beat the competitor price by $50 we will also DELIVER the film to you for FREE saving an additional $20

For example:

  • If our price is $500 and the competitor price is $490 and the total job is over 5m2, the Lowest Price Guarantee is activated and you pay just $440. (ie $490 - $50 = $440, incl FREE Freight)
  • If our price is $500 and the competitor price is $501, the Lowest Price Guarantee is not activated because we have offered you the lowest price.

How do you make a claim?

It's Easy.

Measure the height and width of each window pane of glass you want tinted (ie the same windows included in the other quote)

If the competitor price is less than our online price, and the job is over 5m2, just take a photo of your competitor quote with your smartphone and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Also, please let us know the TintingDirect WebQuote ID of the quote you are comparing. 

That's it!

We will call you to schedule the installation.


The Queensland Auto Club  - you know the one - is offering Members a 20% Discount on Home Window Tinting

We are offering $70 OFF the Members only Discounted Price on jobs over 5m2