No Sales Commission | Online Quote SAVE 15%

15% Discount

A sales rep will typicaly come to a property (and do an onsite measure and quote)

  • they measure the height and width of each pane of glass to be tinted,
  • they calculate the m2 of film required and the cost of the job, and
  • write up a quote.

Typically a sales rep receives 15% of the sale price for providing this service (and for making the sale).

However, most people can use a tape measure, and save $134 on the average size job.

Measuring your own windows is THE easiest way to save money on window film.

  • We developed an online job costing app for window tinting in 2008 which calculates the film cost and the installation charge, and emails a quote.
    • We encourage our customers to measure their own windows, we provide phone support to help them choose the best film for their job, and talk them through entering the window sizes into WebQuote.
    • And since we save the cost of a sales rep, we give customers a 15% discount (the sales commission).

The customer is happy they saved $134 for not much effort (the discount on the average size job) and we gain a price advantage over competitors, which helps us to sell more film.

Our trade customers have it even better.

  • No need to spend time choosing a film - the film is specified in the plans.
  • No need to measure the windows - the window sizes are specified in the plans.

You just select the specified film from the drop-down list,
enter the window pane sizes and the quote arrives in your inbox a few seconds later.
Plus you get a 15% discount ... and a lowest price guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee

We don't like being beaten on price -  and we are sore losers.

  • If anyone beats our online price, let us know
    • we will not only beat their lower price by $50, we will also provide free delivery! (Yes, conditions apply)

15% Cash Rebate

No everyone wants a discount.

If you are a reseller, we will consider a rquest from you to receive the "no sales commission" discount as a cash rebate. Since this option involves more administrative support - we must receive full payment from your client and then you invoice us the 15% sales commission, which we will deposit into your account. We have a special WebQuote that does not show the WebQuote discount (on screen nor in the email we will send to your client) that may be used for this purpose.