Frosted Films for Office Privacy | Online Quote SAVE 15%

Frosted Films for Office Privacy | Online Quote SAVE 15%

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Privacy in the Office


White Frost film installed at Brisbane International Airport.

Frosted film makes the glass appear opaque and is frequently installed on glass partitions in the office for privacy. An image can also be printed on the frosted film to provide decoration (full-colour digitally printed signage) or letters can be cut out of the frosted film to provide directional signage, company logo, etc (computer cut signage)



 1. White Frost

White Frost may be installed on entry doors and windows for privacy.

It provides a clean, light, contemporay appearance. This film cannot be computer cut.


 2. LG Dusted Crystal (SV 44)

This film has a similar appearance to 3M Dusted Crystal. It is a thicker film which allows it to be computer cut - eg lettering or designs can be cut into the film.  

brisbane-airport-frosted film 1

LG Dusted Crystal film installed at 5 Queens Rd Melbourne

 Dusted and Frosted Crystal and Diamond Dusted and Frosted films also available