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...matt black films no more reflective than clear glass

Typical Application: Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Home Theatre


Commercial: widely used in commercial and industrial buildings where a non-reflective external appearance is required

Education: We have installed this film in many schools to control heat and glare

Residential: Not widely used in the home because it will make a room feel dark
  • Home theatre is a popular use
  • Shift workers also choose this film for their bedroom windows

The Sunblock range of films has very low external reflectivity and makes the glass appear dark externally. Like shade cloth, these films are available in different densities and block both heat and light. Sunblock films that block over 75% of the light provide daytime privacy and give protection against sun damage and fading. These films are described as non-reflective window tinting films and give the window a “dark” appearance viewed externally. They provide privacy and protect furnishings against sun damage and fading.


As well as saving money and improving performance, non-reflective tinted window films can also provide other benefits:

  • controls the glare to eliminate computer screen reflections
  • privacy during daylight hours
  • UV protection to reduced fading
  • Energy cost savings by lowering air conditioning cost
  • enhanced appearance - building a more consistent external appearance
  • modernise the image of older premises
  • Surface is scratch resistant
  • Easy installation



smartfilms-logo1Sunblock 10

  • blocks 64% heat, 99% UV and allows in 8% of the light.