Film: ASWF Sky 10

Film Code: Sky 10

Commercial Application: The implementation of the principles of "daylighting" has led many companies to improve the energy efficiency of their building and reduce energy costs. Light coloured window tinting films can provide a worthwhile reduction in the heat entering the building and reduce the energy used by air conditioners without any noticeable loss of natural light.

Residential Application: Homeowners may also seek to reduce heat and glare in their house and protect their valuables against sun damage and fading without making the room "feel" darker.

 Main Benefits:

  • Good heat and glare reduction
  • Protection against sun damage and fading.

Available Roll Widths

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Top 5 Neutral (Grey) Films - VLT VLT less than 10%

BENEFITS: HEAT Protection | FADING Protection | PRIVACY Control GLARE | Blocks Light and Darkens Room| Glass appears dark externally
thumbs up smileygold medalbronze medalbronze medal
Performance AssessmentSilverGoldBronzeBronzeLeast Reflective
COMPANYASWFHanitaJohnson Window FilmsSolar GardSolar Gard
FILM3mm clear glassSky 10OptiTune 05Scenic View 10TrueVue 5Night Scene GSG 10
WERS rated (1)YesYesYesYes
VLT % (2)89%8%6%8%5%6%
VLR % (3)8%Internal 13%
External 54%
Internal 15%
External 63%
Internal 25%
External 58%
Internal 8%
External 45%
best   Internal 10%
External 10%
UV block % (4)14%99%99%99%99%99%
U-Value (5)best   5.6best   5.65.7best   5.65.7
TSER % (6) (Heat)25% Uva83%best   84%82%82%70%
Sales Rep Price $M2best   $50.32$63.91$55.32$64.54$65.10
No Sales CommissionYou payYou payYou payYou payYou pay
WebQuote Price$42.78$54.33$47.03$54.87$55.34
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