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Typical Application: Commercial and Industrial Buildings

mirror tint

Widely used in commercial and industrial buildings

  • The reflective film's cost effectiveness make it a favourite for commercial building owners and managers
  • High heat reduction and glare control
Not widely used in the home
  • Many people don't like the mirrored appearance on their home - it looks "industrial" is a common complaint
  • In bushy areas the film can cause bird kill. Birds will attack their reflection in defence of their territory.


In addition to saving money through improved energy efficiency, reflective window filmsl also:

  • controls glare on computer and VDUs
  • daytime privacy
  • UV protection
  • Block the heat
  • Save energy - eg air conditioning
  • modernise and created a more uniform external appearance on an older building
  • Long lasting - scratch resistant coating
  • Easy to install

Reflective window tinting films provide the highest heat protection by reflecting the heat away from the window. It gives the window a “mirrored” appearance externally. These films provide privacy and protect against sun damage and fading.

Mirror Tint 20 (R20S)

  • blocks 75% heat, 99% UV and 81% glare.
  • Mirrored externally for high heat reflection
  • good level of natural light
thumb commercial-window-tinting
Mirror Tint 20 installed
on office windows at
Holden Place Blundall, Gold Coast,
to reduce excessive heat and glare

Application: Mirror Tint 20 is frequently used in commercial buildings where heat is a problem but a reasonable level of natural light is required. However, Mirror Tint 20 is less effective than the HeatShield film at combating glare on computer screens that are in direct sunlight.

Mirror Tint 20 is often used on tinted glass where other films may cause excessive heat absorption into the glass leading to thermal stress (breakage).

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Heatshield (R10SG)

  • blocks 80% heat, 99% UV and 94% glare.
  • Mirrored externally for high heat reflection
  • dark internally to control glare
Smart-Films-HeatShieldHeatShield film installed in
executive offices and conference room at ATSIC, Annerley QLD

Application: Heat Shield is a popular choice for office windows where staff experience discomfort from direct sunlight and, due to the glare, are unable to view a computer screen and undertake their work. HeatShield blocks 80% heat and 94% glare to provide an outstanding heat and glare solution. This film is very dark and should not be installed where artificial lighting is not used.

Frequently used to achieve one-way vision to provide internal privacy between adjoining rooms (eg Heatshield installed on a glass window between an interview room and observation room can create a one-way mirror)

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