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Reflective Film for Windows

... high heat reduction at a low cost

Typical Application: Commercial and Industrial Buildings


  • Widely used in commercial and industrial buildings due to the film's cost effectiveness
Not widely used in the home
  • Many people don't like the mirrored appearance on their home - it looks "industrial" is a common complaint
  • In bushy areas the film can cause bird kill. Birds will attack their reflection in defence of their territory.


In addition to saving money through improved energy efficiency, reflective window film will also:

  • eliminate reflections on VDU screens by controlling glare
  • provide privacy to your premises during daylight hours
  • UV protection to reduced fading of interior furnishings
  • Blocking of sun's heat and glare
  • Energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • give a building a more uniform external appearance
  • transform and modernise the image of older premises
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to install

Reflective silver window tinting films provide the highest heat protection by reflecting the heat away from the window

Reflective Silver Mirror Tint 20 (R20S)

Application: Mirror Tint 20 is frequently used in commercial buildings where heat is a problem but a reasonable level of natural light is required. However, Mirror Tint 20 is less effective than the HeatShield film at combating glare on computer screens that are in direct sunlight.

Mirror Tint 20 is often used on tinted glass where other films may cause excessive heat absorption into the glass leading to thermal stress (breakage).