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Glass safety.

Safety films is designed to hold broken glass shards together and thereby reduce the risk of glass-cut injury. The installation of 100 micron Safety film will bring most glass up to the human impact safety standard as required under the Building Code of Australia in some situations (eg child care, aged care, etc.)

You DO NOT need to replace glass to comply with AS1288glass-safety-film

Australian Standard AS1288 covers all installations of glass that might be prone to accidents (eg sliding doors, low windows or glass near playgrounds etc).

Glass covered by this standard MUST be Grade A safety glass (and in some situations Grade B Wired glass) in order to comply with the standard.

Specifically, safety glass (safety film) is required under AS1288 in the following situations

  • Low Level Glass in Residential Buildings - Grade A safety glass required where the lowest sightline is less than 500mm from the floor.
  • Schools, Early Childhood Centres, Aged Care Buildings, Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes - Grade A safety glass is required within 1000mm of the floor in schools and within 1500mm elsewhere.
  • Areas Subject to High Risk Of Breakage - Gymnasiums, Swimming and Spa Pools, Halls, Public Viewing Galleries, Stadiums etc have a Grade A safety requirement
  • Doors and General Application - All doors and any glazing within 2000mm of ground level of all buildings are considered subject to risk of impact on human safety and have a Grade A safety requirement.

Family-Day-CareTinting Direct has installed Safety Film in over 60 Family Day Care homes and offers carers a FREE glass safety audit.

Tinting Direct offers a group discount where 5 or more carers are located within the same area. Family Day Care Australia has produced a glass information kit to provide carers and coordination units with information on glass safety requirements in family day care homes titled “Glass Safety in Family Day Care”

  • The information kit can be obtained from the Family Day Care co-ordinator for your area.

Choose the level of protection you need

Smart Films 100-Micron Clear Safety Film makes glass safer (it upgrades ordinary annealed glass to meet the Australian human impact safety standards) and performs an excellent job holding broken fragments of glass together to provide a physical barrier between the broken glass and human contact.

100-Micron Safety/Solar 20 Film provides the benefits of a solar control film while also upgrading the glass to meet the Australian human impact safety standard. 


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