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 safety-film-to improve glass-safety

Glass safety - Safety Film

Safety films is designed to hold broken glass shards together and thereby reduce the risk of glass-cut injury. The installation of 100 micron Safety film will bring most glass up to the human impact safety standard (AS1288) as required under the Building Code of Australia in some situations (eg child care, aged care, etc.)

Family Day Care safety certificates provided following installation of safety film. 


Glass security - Security Film

Security films hold broken glass together in one piece to reduce the ability of intruders to gain entry to the building. Security film is available in different thicknesses to reflect different risk levels - generally, the thickness of the film is an indication of the increased difficulty of gaining entry to the building


 Glass protection - Anti-Graffiti Film

Glass is expensive to replace and sales can be lost when customers are looking at the graffiti on the window and not at the products on display. anti-graffiti-film-is-an-easy-to-remove-sacrificial-glass-coating

Anti-graffiti films are designed to both protect glass from malicious damage and to provide a sacrificial coating that can be quickly and easily replaced should vandals attack.

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