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Traditionally the sign writer applied their artistic and design skils to create signs by hand with a brush. Mostly simple signs to inform the public about a business - Butcher, Baker, Doctor, Accountant, Solicitor, Grocer.

Today the artistic and design skills of the sign writer have come to the fore in the creation of richer and more visually stimulating signage. Computer controlled signage cutters can cut intricate designs and patterns into frosted films and coloured vinyl while the widespread availability of wide format full colour digital printers has created an opportunity to use photographic images in new and exciting ways and in non-traditional situations.

One of the most exciting is the use of frosted films that have the functionality of providing privacy both day and night, while also providing a canvas for stunning visual impact.

While full colour digital prints have frequently found their way onto the windows of pharmacies, gyms and dental surgeries, digital printing of photos and full colour images are increasingly finding a place in the home. Rich colours and photo realism of digital prints can be recreated to introduce colour and excitment into what otherwise may be a creative or decorating challenge. A high window above an entry door that is difficult to cover with a blind or curtain or an unsightly neighbour (property or person) could be made more pleasing through a photo, an image or a grand masters epic work. Glass Art has never been more popular in the home.

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