Film Comments % Light Blocked % Heat blocked Provides Privacy? Reduces Glare?

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NOTES: The ClearView films are a range of clear window films - and will not spoil a beautiful view by day or at night.
Will meet body corporate requirment not to change the external appearance of the building
ClearView 75LHA A film designed to reduce the risk of thermal stress in larger glass panels of the type found in commercial and some residential appartments. Not an issue for most homeowners with annealed or toughened glass.  23% 36% No


pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1722 WERS 3Jsp_75int photo gallery
ClearView ICE 70 Most people choose the ICE 60 because it blocks more heat and appears very similar to the ICE 70 30% 50% No


pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1706 WERS 3IX70Gint photo gallery


ClearView ICE 60

Our most popular clear window film 36% 58% No


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NOTES: The Ambiance and HP films make the glass appear dark when viewed externally.
The HP films are slightly more reflective than the Ambiance films (black reflection, not silver reflection)
Ambiance 40 People who also require privacy choose Ambiance 25 62%  51% No Yes pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1707 WERS 3OnxSt_41int photo gallery
HP30 People who also require privacy choose Ambiance 25  71% 60% No Yes pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1718 WERS 3OnxSt_30int photo gallery
NOTES:The Ambiance 25 and HP 15 films block enough light to provide day-time privacy in most situations - See notes on "How solar control films provide privacy? NB: a film that provides privacy during the day will prevent you seeing out at night - unless you turn the lights off.
Use a ClearView film to preserve night-time views


Ambiance 25

Our most popular film for living rooms - good heat protection, privacy and won't make the room "feel" dark 76%  61% Yes Yes pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1713 WERS 3OnxSt_20int photo gallery
NOTES: A film that blocks more than 80% of the visible light will make the room "feel" darker.
Visual acuity is the ability of the eyes to adjust to different light levels and still see clearly - it is only at low light levels that visibility is reduced and this triggers an emotion that the room "feels" dark.



Our most popular film for west-facing bedrooms - high heat reduction, will make room "feel" darker but usually OK for a bedroom 86%  70% Yes Yes pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1712 WERS 3OnxSt_10int photo gallery
NOTES:Sunblock is a standard (old technology) film that works by shading. Standard films block more visible light than the new smart films to achieve the same heat reduction.
 Sunblock 10 Popular choice for the home theatre - will make the room feel dark 91% 64%  Yes  Yes pdf buttonIGDB ID: 1703 WERS 3BkSt_10int photo gallery
Film Comments % Light Blocked % Heat blocked Provides Privacy? Reduces Glare? Performance
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The IGDB (International Glazing Database) is run by the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, US Department of Energy.

The Australian WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) takes the film on glass performance data in the IGDB to calculate the combined performance of the glass/window film and the window frame. The difference between the IGDB data and the WERS data is the loss attributable to the framing system.