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The window film industry is highly concentrated with a few producers owning the top film brands.
3M logoMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now 3M) was established in 1902 in Minnesota, USA and claims it was issued the first patent for window film in 1966.
  • The 3M window films brand, including Scotchtint, is owned by 3M and the film is made under licence in various plants in the USA, China and Singapore
aswf logo American Standard Window Film (ASWF) is owned by Erickson International, LLC and established in Nevada, USA in 2007. Window film is made in their plant in Nevada, USA.
hanitatek logo
Hanita Coatings is owned by Avery Dennison (since 2017) and was established in 1983 on Kibbutz Hanita in Israel’s Western Galilee region, where the window film is still made.
jwf logo
Johnson Window Films was established in 1991 by Johnson Laminating and Coating, Inc and made in their factory in California, USA
llimar logo Llumar Window Films brand was introduced in 1980 by CPFilms, who trace their origin in the USA back to 1956. The Llumar brand. along with Vista, Enerlogic, V-Kool. Huper Optik and IQue brands was acquired by Eastman Chemical Company in 2012 (originally Eastman Kodak started in 1888) .
suntek logoIn 2012 Eastman Chemical Company also acquired the Suntek brand from Commonwealth Laminating and Coating Inc, Virginia, USA where the film is still made.
solargard logo
The SolarGard brand was established in 1980 by a San Diego-based company, Deposition Technology Inc. It was subsequently acquired by a Belgium company, Bekaert, and in 2011 it was acquired by Saint-Gobain, a French company that was created in 1665 by Louis XV11 granting the company the exclusive right to manufacture "mirror glass". SolarGard window film is still made in San Diego, USA.