Window Film Reviews

Window Film Reviews


As a supplier of window tinting I am often asked "which film is best?"

Inevitably the answer will depend on what it is the person asking the question wants to achieve.

  • No film can meet everyones needs. There will be films that offer features that some people will want (perhaps good heat protection) and features they may wish to avoid (eg. highly mirrored or very dark films)  Some features of a film may have no relevance to the customer (eg preserve beautiful night-time views) and so they do not need to pay extra for a film having this feature.
  • I define the "best film for the job" as the film that does everything the customer requires at the lowest cost.

A related question that is often asked is "which film manufacturer is best?'

We have undertaken a review of the window films from all the leading manufacturers comparing the price and the performance of similar products from each manufacturer.