Price Smart Films ClearView 75LHA


Film: Smart Films ClearView 75 LHA (Low Heat Absorption)

Film Code: CV75

This is a film specifically designed to reduce the risk of thermal stress in large panes of glass and/or in tinted laminated glass of the kind often used in commercial building and in residential appartment buildings.

Commercial Application: Used in retail shopfronts to protect display stock from sun damage and fading without impeding visibility and in office buildings to preserve a great view

Residential Application: Used in homes and residential apartment buildings that:

  1. have spectacular views (day and/or night) and owners do not want to change (spoil) the view, and/or
  2. the building is controlled by a Body Corporate that won't permit the external appearance of the building to change

 Main Benefits:

  • Clear solar window films are the most technically advanced solar control films available - providing the same benefits as other solar control films, but virtually undetectable. There is no impact on the appearance of the glazing and light transmission levels are hardly changed.

    • Clear (untinted) appearance won’t spoil a beautiful view, by day or night
    • Reduce solar heat gain
    • 99% ultraviolet(UV) screening protect furnishings, paintings and timber against sun damage and fading
    • Slows heat loss in winter
    • Meets body corporate requirements by not changing the external appearance of a building

Warranty: Residential: Lifetime Commercial: 10 Years

Maximum Roll Width: 1524mm- when both the height and the width of the window pane exceed the roll width the film will have to be spliced (joined).

Film Price: $75M2 including GST

WebQuote Ref: This film is listed under Film Type (First drop-down Menu): SOLAR CONTROL FILMS: Non-Reflective | Clear (Untinted) Films (VLT over 60%)

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