Price Smart Films HP30


Film: Smart Films HP30

Film Code: HP30

Commercial Application: Not as widely used in commercial and industrial buildings as the reflective films which provide higher heat protection at lower cost. 

Residential Application: A popular choice in the home where high heat protection and good natural light is required. It does not block enough light in all situations to provide daytime privacy but does make it significantly harder to see into a room. 

Main Benefits:

  • Good heat and glare reduction
  • Day-time privacy cannot be assured due to the high visible light transmission
  • Protection against sun damage and fading.

Warranty: Residential: Lifetime Commercial: 10 Years

Maximum Roll Width: 1524mm- when both the height and the width of the window pane exceed the roll width the film will have to be spliced (joined).

Film Price: $54.00M2 including GST

WebQuote Ref: This film is listed under Film Type (First drop-down Menu): SOLAR CONTROL FILMS: Non-Reflective | Lightly Tinted Films (VLT 30% - 60%)

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