Price Solar Gard Quantum 20


Film: Solar Gard Quantum 20

Film Code: QSQ20

Applications: A low-reflection film that can be used in both residential and commercial buildings.

 Main Benefits:

  • Good heat and glare reduction
  • Day-time privacy
  • Protection against sun damage and fading.

Warranty: Residential: Lifetime Commercial: 10 Years

Maximum Roll Width: 1829mm- when both the height and the width of the window pane exceed the roll width the film will have to be spliced (joined).

Film Price: $75.90M2 including GST

WebQuote Ref: This film is listed under Film Type (First drop-down Menu): SOLAR CONTROL FILMS: Non-Reflective | Medium Tinted Films (VLT 20% - 25%)

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 20 25 VLT