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Energy Efficient Solar films to reduce heat and glare and save on energy costs | Frosted films for privacy, day and night
Safety films to prevent glass cut injury and achieve AS1288 | Security films to keep the bad guys out
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1. The World's Top USA Made Window Films at the lowest price in AustraliaTop USA film brands 3M. ASWF, Hanita, Johnson Window Film, Llumar, SolarGard, Suntek


2. Professional Film Installation (or choose to DIY)

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Our Approved Film Installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality
 If your installation is not up to this standard it is replaced - at our cost 

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"It was so easy. I measured my windows and ordered the film and in less than a week it was installed ....and for much less than the local guys quoted. Very happy." Sandra, Epping, NSW
"Saved $207 and installed in 8 days." Tsun, Keysborough, Vic 3173

4. Compare Window Films

All sales reps say their film is the best - that's their job - but what is the truth?
thumbs up smileyFind out which window films perform best, at the lowest cost
  460 Window Films Compared All the major film brands
Our Window Film Comparison Tables are an invaluable resource for the architect, engineer, energy professional and homeowner and unique, attracting visitors from around the world. Once you have identified the type of film you require, the film comparison tables make it easy to identify the "Best" value film in that category.
  • All performance data shown in the tables has been 3rd-party tested and verified true by government acredited testing laboratories
  • Our "Best Buy" film recommendations are based on the performance data and price - if the lowest cost film offers the best performance, that is what we recommend.
  • All films listed are made by the world's top film manufacturers in the USA - all films are warranted against defects by the manufacturer and most have a Lifetime Warranty

5. Help to Select the "Right" Type of Film for the Job

Helping our residential and commercial window tinting customers select the "right" type of film to achieve the outcomes they seek is our highest priority and sets us apart from competitors. It is why we provide a range of tools to assist you in film selection. When you have identified the right type of film for your job, our film comparison tables make it easy to identify which film offers the best value.
Helping residential and commercial windows tinting customers select the "right" type of film for the outcomes they seek at the lowest cost is our highest priority and sets us apart from competitors. That is why we provide a range of tools to assist you select the "right" film.
5.1. The "Right" Film Finder is our Expert System. It will guide you to the best type of film for your job (based on your priorities) and identify the "Best Buy" film based on the comparison tables. Quick and Easy!
5.2. Our short technical paper, titled "How to choose the "right" film for the job?" identifies the different performance measures of window film (eg. heat blocked, light blocked, reflective, non-reflective) and the performance required to achieve a particular outcome.The principles espoused in this paper underpin the recommendations of the expert system.
5.3. Still not sure which film is "right" for your job? To satisfy yourself that you have made a good film choice for the outcome you want, why not email me a brief description of your problem, the outcome you want and the film you are considering for the job and I will, usually, reply overnight, or
- Give me a call - 0400 906 262 (Garry) - and we can discuss your job, what you want to achieve, and identify some film options that will give you the outcome you want, at the lowest cost.
5.4. No Time or no Interest in the detail of film selection?  Book a Sales Rep
Our sales rep will visit your home or office, measure your windows, discuss your priorities, advice on the "right" film for your job and give you a quote. Please note that our Lowest Price Guarantee only applies to the WebQuote price.

6. Easy Comparison Shopping

Compare the quotes you have received with our WebQuote price - you won't be disappointed
We supply top quality USA made window film at the lowest price in Australia
  • If you are tempted by the low price of Chinese made film on eBay, or at Bunnings, it is worth noting that should the cheap film fail, the cost to remove the bubbling, purple, window film is more than the cost of film installation 
Lowest Price Guarantee
We Guarantee the Lowest Price on Top USA Window Film Brands.
If you are quoted a price that is less than our online price, we won't insult you and offer to price match - we will beat the lower price by $50.
For example
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $470, the lowest price guarantee is triggered and you pay $420 including delivery. (ie. $50 off their price of $470 plus free delivery to your home or office).
- if our online price is $500 and the competitor price is $501, the lowest price guarantee is not triggered.
We started our lowest price guarantee in 2011: Total claims to date - one, in a decade
The lowest price guarantee applies to jobs over 5m2
Choose Professional Film Installation 

film installer adelaideYour film installer is Brett and he and his team services all areas of Adelaide. Following receipt of your film order Brett will call you to schedule the installation.

Office windows tinted in Adelaide
Commercial window tinting in Adelaide SA
- Smart Films Sunblock 10

Home Tinting in Adelaide

Adelaide has a diverse range of housing styles as residential building design has evolved from simple "Settlers", "Colonial" and "Workers" cottages through the "Maisonettes" found in inner city areas and on to the Bungalows built after the Second World War. The Mawson Lakes development showcase modern housing styles and construction materials. The smaller block sizes of today has led to more double story homes and changing landscapes to accommodate our new way of living and our increased respect for our environment.

One of the most significant changes in our priority for housing is energy efficiency. This has assumed an importance to us far higher than to our prececessors as we strive to reduce our energy consumption to not only save us money but to save the planet. This priority is also reflected in the housing styles and building materials being used today. Window film is the most cost-effective building insulation available today and can be easily retro-fitted to existing buildings. Since windows contribute about half of the total energy gain or loss in a building window tinting should be one of the first measures taken to enhance the overall energy efficiency of a building in Adelaide.

Some great sources of information to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of a home in Adelaide include:



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Solar Control Films to reduce heat and glare Decorative and Frosted Films Safety and Security Films


"It was so easy. I measured my windows and ordered the film and in less than a week it was installed ....and for much less than the local guys quoted. Very happy.Sandra, Epping, NSW
"Saved $207 and installed in 8 days.Tsun, Keysborough, Vic 3173

"Thanks for all your help in selecting the right tint film for my house. I appreciate the way you sent samples and helped step me through to make the right choices for both lounge and bedrooms that now look amazing and we couldn’t be happier. Also thanks for sending the best installer David who did an outstanding job. We felt the house cool down immediately. They look amazing from both inside and outside. We are very happy and will recommend to all our friends and family who may need some tintingGlen, Narre Warren South, VIC

 Hello again, Garry

I just wanted to thank your company for the incredibly speedy delivery of my window tint and for following up with the email below.  Dave came to the house yesterday and installed the frost (having earlier phoned me to assure me he would be there (and to assure me that the company was a genuine company😌).

WOW... Dave arrived early and installed the window film with great care and skill.  He was interesting to talk to and took great professional pride in his work.  No wonder he has been employed by your company for a long time.  Many, many thanks for being so professional and doing what your website advertised... all without lots of fuss and bother.

Go well!& Cheers :-) Sue, Greensborough, Victoria

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Our film installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if the installation is not up to this standard it is replaced at our cost

We believe you should know in advance what will happen if you're unhappy with the job 

If you are quoted a price that is less than our online price, we will not only beat the lower price by $50, we'll courier the film to you for FREE (see our conditions)

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