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- Smart Films Sunblock 10


Home Tinting on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has a range of housing styles as you would expect given its long histry - streatching back to early colonial architecture and its evolution to a modern city. Residential buildings on the Gold Coast have evolved from the colonial cottage through post war brick bungalows to the urban villages that display the contempory housing styles and building materials that are favoured today. The standard block has become smaller and many more homes are double story to better utilise the land.

A significant change over the past 20 years has been the increased priority homeowners give to energy efficiency and sustainability. The energy efficiency of our housing is now a lot more important than it was in the past. Not only do we want to reduce our energy use to combat ever rising power bills but we want to save the planet from global warming. The increased importance of energy efficiency is  reflected in the style of housing we construct on the Gold Coast but also in our choice of building materials. Window tinting is the most cost-effective insulation available to the homeowner. It is easy to install and it has long been recognised that windows contribute about half of the total energy gain and loss in a building, Window tinting should be one of the first measures Gold Coast homeowners take to enhance the energy efficiency of their home.

Energy efficiency and sustainability information relevant to a home on the Gold Coast include:

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