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All film is shipped direct to customers from the manufacturers’ warehouse in Australia

Shipping the film direct to customers not only reduces the freight cost, it eliminates the risk of substitution for a cheaper film brand.

Our Customers can save $134 in sales commission on the average size job

We give you the option:

  • Measure your own windows, use our job costing app - WebQuote - and save $134 in sales commission on the average size job, or
  • Request a sales rep to call you and schedule a FREE measure and quote in your home or office

How to Save the Sales Commission 

1. Identify your Priorities

Compare the Price and Performance of the leading Film brands

Our side by side price and performance comparison charts give you the information you need to make the best film choice

We are happy to discuss your job and advice on your proposed film choices - phone or email us

2. Find out what it will cost to tint your windows

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Use our Online Job Costing App and you SAVE 15% Sales Commission


The 15% sales commission that would have gone to the sales rep for measuring your windows is given to  customers as a discount when they measure their own windows and use our online job costing app - WebQuote - to cost their job.

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Our Price Guarantee

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See our Price Guarantee conditions 

3. Order Window Film Online at the best price

The film is cut 20mm larger than the actual window pane measurements you enter into the WebQuote (which means your measurements don't have to be exact and the film is delivered to your door by our courier ready for installation by our installer (or you can choose DIY installation).

4. Choose Professional Film Installation 

film installerYour film installer in Perth is Paul. After you have ordered the film he will call you to schedule the installation.


Comparison Shopping?  

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Office windows tinted in Altona Melbourne 

 Commercial window tinting in Perth WA
- Smart Films Sunblock 10

The serious bargain hunters will get a couple of quotes from the local guys, then go online and compare our price.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you are quoted a lower price on a film we stock and we guarantee to beat it.



Frosted film installed at Crown Casino Perth 
 Frosted film installed at Crown Casino Perth


Home Tinting in Perth

Perth has a range of housing styles reflecting its early colonial history and its evolution through boom and bust cycles mirroring that of the mining industry upon which much of its wealth has, historically, been based. Residential buildings in Perth have evolved from the colonial cottage through post war full brick bungalows to fully planned urban villages that showcase modern housing styles and construction materials. The traditional sized block has become smaller and many more homes are double story to better utilise the land area. We are changing our urban landscapes to beter reflect our new ways of living and working and to acknowledge a greater awareness of, and respect for, the natural environment.

 Home window tinting in Benenden Avenue Butler Perth

 House windows tinted

in Benenden Avenue

Perth WA

One of the major changes in our housing priorities over the past couple of decades has been in energy efficiency. The energy efficiency of our home is now much more important than it has been at any time in the past and it is not only because we want to reduce our energy consumption to save  money when facing ever increasing power bills but we want to save the planet. The increased importance of energy efficiency is  reflected in the style of housing we construct in Perth but also in our choice of building materials, both in new home construction as well as in renovations. Window film is the most cost-effective insulation available to the homeowner and is easy to install in both new buildings and to the windows of existing buildings. It has long been recognised that windows contribute about half of the total energy gain and loss in a building, Window tinting should be one of the first measures Perth homeowners take to enhance the overall energy efficiency of their home.

Energy efficiency and sustainability information relevant to a home in Perth include:

Home and Office Window Tinting in Forest Lake

compare price of window film in Forest Lake

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Solar Control Films to reduce heat and glare Decorative and Frosted Films Safety and Security Films

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