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Commercial window tinting in Sydney
Commercial window tinting in Sydney
- Smart Films Heattshield installed on smoked glas

Home Tinting in Sydney

Sydney has an extraordinarily diverse housing stock reflecting its early settlement, the quarter-century of booming, post-goldrush, construction in the 1860's to late 1880's of a large number of magnificent mansions, and then the rapid post-war urban expansion of bungalows and brick veneer homes. The smaller block sizes of today has led to the construction of a larger number of double story homes to allow increased population density and the rejuvenation of former industrial sites and ports for residential accommodation in the near city areas that reflects a new, more cosmopolitan, way of living and an acknowledgement of respect for the natural environment.

Frosted film installed on balustrade glass in Sydney

Smart Films
Diamond Frost
(external grade)

- frosted film
installed on glass
fence in Sydney

The most obvious change in our housing priorities is in our search for improved energy efficiency. Sustainability has assumed an importance in Sydney today that would be unfathomable to our forebears. We strive to reduce our energy consumption not only to save money when confronting ever-rising energy costs but to save the planet. Our concern for the earth's future and the challenges we face is reflected in our housing styles and in the building materials that we use in the construction of our homes today, and also in our renovations. Window film has long been the most cost-effective insulation we can install in our home and it is being embraced by a younger, environmentally smarter generation seeking passive solutions to heat gain and loss. Recognising that windows contribute about 50% of a buildings total energy lost in winter and gained in summer, window tinting is recognized as a cost-effective environmental solution that many Sydney homeowners are installing to enhance the energy efficiency of their home

More information to improve the energy efficiency of your home in Sydney include:

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